Introducing the Creatives Series 3: Print Plate Collectibles

Introducing the Creatives Series 3: Print Plate Collectibles

Collectors of trading cards are always looking for something unique and special to add to their collection. If you're a fan of the Creatives Series 3, then you're in for a treat! The new Creatives Box includes printing plates as blind bag collectibles. You now have the chance to own a piece of history-- a piece of the grind-- by owning one or four printing plates.

In this blog, we will dive into the allure of printing plates, explore what they are, and why they are so collectible. Get ready to discover how these tiny pieces of metal can skyrocket the value of your trading card collection.

Printing plates are the actual metal plates used in the production of trading cards. These one-of-a-kind items are unique to each card's production as there is only one plate per color variation used. A typical trading card's color variations include black, yellow, cyan, and magenta.

When manufacturers create trading cards, they apply ink layer by layer to generate the final image on each card. Any item of the card that is not white will be produced during this process.

Trading cards that are produced using these plates may show signs of wear or damage over time. Some collectors even go the extra mile to get them signed, creating a truly unique and prized collectible. These printing plates have been specially cut, labeled, and made ready to be added to your trading card collection.

The print plates included in this Creatives Series 3 have never been made available to the public before. Imagine the level of excitement when you finally get your hands on one of these blind bags and find out which plate you've received. The mystery and thrill of receiving a unique collectible plate are unmatched.

Owning printing plates is a rare privilege because there is only one of each plate per color variation for every card produced. These plates are therefore considered one-of-a-kind collector's items. A single plate can make all the difference in the perceived value of a trading card collection.

Printing plate collectibles are a unique addition to any trading card collection. With their rarity and uniqueness, they make a special and prized piece for any collector who loves the Creatives Series 3. Their inclusion in the Creatives Box only adds to the excitement of buying the box, knowing that you have a chance to get your hands on one of these rare blind bag collectibles.

So don't wait any longer, order your limited Creatives Box now, and own a piece of history of the grind! Happy collecting!

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