What is the Creatives Project?

The Creatives Project was strategically curated to bring you a wide range of creativity in the form of collectible trading cards with series 1.

What's in the pack?

6 cards will be included in each pack, with the chance at owning an exclusive foil card by one of the many talented creatives involved! The Creatives Project brings you the opportunity to collect rare art cards, DIY cards, foil cards, 3D lenticular cards and so much more. All in limited quantities.

How many Creatives in the Series?

58 AMAZING artists are included in the series. That means 200 new & unique pieces of art for you to collect!

These cards will consist of never before seen creations from the Artists we know & love, as well as introduce you to some new creatives guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat.

after collecting all 200 cards...

Collect all Signatures

Think about it, with conventions and expos reopening, you now have something your favorite artist can autograph.

The Creatives : Trading Card ProjectGradesaver Pro - Pro Card Sleeves W/Easy Pull Tab - 100 CountGradesaver Pro - Pro Card Sleeves - 100 CountGradesaver Pro - Pro Card Shields - 50 CountPriscillaArte - Replacement Card

Brand new

The Creatives : Trading Card Project

Everything you need to compliment your trading cards. Plastic sleeves and hard protectors.

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Don't take our word for it


I never collected any cards growing up. I bought these trading cards because of all the artwork from great artists.


New York


It was like being transported back to childhood. Getting a box of cards, opening each one, finding foils and collab. Putting doubles to the side. It recaptured the spirit and joy that I haven't felt in ages.


New York


This project was done with great execution. I was excited for this but hyped once I had them in person. There's something about opening up a pack of cards of the Creatives that brings me back to my childhood.



Remember, the 'earth' without 'art' is just 'eh',

Although you may not yet be able to go to galleries in person or attend art openings, you can still purchase your favorite artists’ artwork right now. Support small businesses like us in tandem with local artists and more worldwide.