The Creatives Teams with hobbyDB for The Trading Card Project

The Creatives Teams with hobbyDB for The Trading Card Project

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The Creatives, in collaboration with hobbyDB, and the world of trading cards through the innovative Creatives Trading Card Project. This initiative brings together over 200 pieces of original art from 60 artists across three series. Each card is not just a collectible but a gateway to an immersive experience with augmented reality, hidden puzzles, and games.

HobbyDB, a platform for collectors, has joined hands with The Creatives to bring this unique collection to a wider audience. All cards from The Creatives, along with other collectibles like art toys, model cars, and pins/badges, are now featured on hobbyDB's database.

To celebrate this partnership, hobbyDB is offering an exclusive special card. To earn this limited edition card, users need to create a profile on hobbyDB and add at least one item from The Creatives to their collection or wish list.

Furthermore, each artist from The Creatives has a dedicated page on hobbyDB, allowing users to explore more of their work. A visit to HobbyDB's website will reveal a vast collection of over 800 items and subject pages from these talented artists.

For more details about The Creatives and their Trading Card Project, be sure to check out the full blog post on hobbyDB's website (source). Don't miss the chance to delve into this exciting world of art and innovation!

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