Creatives-Con Terms & Conditions

CONTRACT: This Application, Properly Executed by applicant (Exhibitor), shall, upon purchase from / RedGuardian, LLC (herein after called Show Management), constitute a valid and binding contract.

ASSIGNMENT OF SPACE: It is understood by Exhibitor that space will be assigned to Exhibitor by Show Management at Show Management’s sole discretion. Notification of space assignment shall be mailed to Exhibitor. After assignment, space location may not be changed, transferred or canceled except on written request and with the subsequent written approval of Show Management. Space assignments may be revoked or changed by Show Management if Exhibitor fails to meet payment deadlines. The size and location of Exhibitor’s space may, at Show Management’s election, differ from show to show. Notwithstanding and aforementioned, Show Management reserves the right to relocate Exhibitor. Show Management will make every effort by phone, fax and mail to notify Exhibitor of such relocation. Show Management assumes no responsibility whatsoever for exhibitor’s goods, products or fixtures before, during or after the show.

Exhibit space is made up of one 8’ table, two chairs, and company sign. Electricity, Internet, and other services/utilities are not included with exhibit space, and must be ordered from the official contractor of the venue. Exhibit booth placement is not guaranteed, but Show Management will act in good faith when possible to accommodate requests and make as few changes as possible after the event diagram has been released. Exhibitor agrees not to use any area outside of their designated exhibit space for sales, storage, display,or advertisement, and to be respectful of their neighboring Exhibitors. Exhibitor agrees to keep exhibit space clean and presentable during the Event. Items to be advertised or sold should be appropriate for the theme of the Event. Show Management reserves the right to refuse exhibit space at its discretion to Exhibitors or items that do not fit the theme of the Event. Exhibitor badges will be allotted based on the number of booths (see Exhibitor Application Form). Badges are for exhibitors and their employees, and may not be sold, traded, or given away for any other purpose. Exhibitor badges do not guarantee entrance to all Event activities. Exhibitors may have the opportunity to purchase tickets to separately-ticketed functions.

SELLING POLICIES: Exhibitor agrees not to sell bootleg or counterfeit merchandise of any kind. Exhibitors possessing or selling bootleg/counterfeit materials do so at their own risk, and may be asked to leave or to cease sale of said materials. Exhibitors are responsible for collection and payment of Sales Tax related to merchandise sold at their exhibit space, and shall obtain any licenses, permits, identification numbers, or approvals under federal or local law applicable to its activities during the Event at its sole expense. All booths must remain fully intact until the official close of show for the benefit of the buyers. Violations of the terms of this paragraph may result in immediate dismissal from the current show and exclusion from participation in future shows. No refund of exhibit fees will be made. Before bringing Pops, please consult with Show Management for approval. Any product mature, adult, or otherwise 18+ in nature must be displayed separately or covered when inpublic view. Weapon sales of any kind are not allowed, including all metal weapons, including but not limited to swords. knives or other bladed weapons. Foam weapons are allowed. Please contact RedGuardian LLC before the show to verify the allowance of specific items.

MISCELLANEOUS: You have provided your email to RedGuardian, LLC as part of the exhibitor application RedGuardian, LLC does not use customer lists for any activities not associated with our shows. Periodically, messages, containing information, updates and special offers about this or other RedGuardian, LLC Shows will be sent to you at this email. You will have the opportunity to be removed from these lists when/if you receive messages.

EXHIBITOR INSURANCE: Exhibitors are urged to obtain exhibition insurance through their own insurance company to cover their personnel, exhibit material and equipment for the duration of move-in, show days, and move-out including public liability, property damage, fire and theft, etc. These Terms & Conditions supersede any and all previous negotiations, understandings, brochures, procedures, rules and practices that may have governed the conduct of the In signing this contract, Exhibitor acknowledges that there are no representations between Show Management and the Exhibitor other than those contained in this contract.