Scadutes Proto Card

Scadutes Proto Card

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Remembering Jennifer, a radiant artist whose creativity was as boundless as her spirit. Her artwork danced with colors that stirred joy and even a touch of fear in all who beheld them. Her smile was a beacon, capable of lighting up the gloomiest day, and her love for her daughter, Rae, was as vast and deep as the ocean.

Jennifer was not just an artist; she was a pillar of support for me and many others. She was the first to arrive at my RedGuardian shows, armed with sandwiches for everyone and a heart full of enthusiasm. She bought every piece of my art and toys, always ready to lend a hand to those who might miss out on "The next RedGuardian Art piece".

Today, we mourn the heartbreaking fact that Jennifer is losing her fight against cancer. As the owner and creator of The Creatives, I've decided to honor Jennifer by dedicating a special Series 3 prototype card to her.

To get this tribute card, visit the NEW GoFundMe page HERE, make a donation of any amount, and purchase the card for free. Please include your receipt number in the notes section. To keep cost low I will be mailing via postcard envelope.

Cancer may be taking Jennifer from us prematurely, but we will ensure her memory lives on through her art as a Creative, and the love she bestowed upon Rae.

Rae now faces a world without her mother's comforting presence. Your donations will help provide Jennifer a dignified farewell and support Rae during this challenging time. Each contribution will go towards funeral costs and any additional support needed for Rae's well being.

Let's unite to celebrate the legacy of this extraordinary woman and ensure that Rae receives the support she needs. Jennifer added color to our lives; now, it's our turn to bring comfort and love to her family.

Thank you for your generous donations and for helping us honor a young, beautiful artist whose art and smile will forever echo in our hearts.


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